Journey with Restraints:

…this project references the fall of Icarus and questions the functionality of ‘escape machinery’ devised and proscribed by others. The wings are made from lead and therefor are entirely dysfunctional..
'Journey with restraints II' 2006Journey with Restraints (image credit to Peter Haggerty) : Image for sale through Birgit Deubner (income shared with the photographer)

The responsibility of the individual, questioning the authorship an individual can claim over their life and it”s course – i.e. Icarus was not the architect of his own mechanics, so what is the position on his fall? Does he own his own misfortune, his death when it occurred through a fall that he would not have endured had he remained solely responsible for his life and declined the mechanism that Daedalus engineered in order to provide one route to freedom for them both. Whose fortune is it? Is the one experiencing a life always the sole responsible author of it?

'Journey with restraints IIb' 2006Journey with Restraints (photo courtesy of Sean Halligan) image available for sale through Birgit Deubner (income shared with the photographer.)
In past times lead was revered for it”s alchemical qualities associating it to the process of making gold, it was also used for medicinal properties. Today we know that both of these associations were false, a fault and can at worst affect sanity, infertility, sickness and be the cause of premature death. Still, prior to the discovery of this knowledge, people were advised of the positive values of lead.

The photograph for this project has been used as a book cover by Routledge and is available to purchase in limited edition. 

'Journey with restraints I' 2006
Journey with Restraints (video still courtesy of Peter Haggerty)
performance duration: 3-30 minutes
material: lead wings


photographic image(s) & limited edition master copies for sale & income shared with the photographer(s)

the end of the performance, (image credit: Birgit Deubner)

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