In or Out with Parakeets

First created in 2009 in response to the changing rhetoric around asylum seekers in the UK and beyond.

A series of public interventions, loosely based on the rhetoric covering immigration and settlement of any ‘others’ into local domain..

The print size currently available loosely corresponds to A2 and A3 formats.
duration: variable
ingredients: beaks and people
prints & video for screening available
performance available for opening and special events
2009 Intervention in Richmond Hotel, London, UK
Getting ready for a performance intervention in Southend on Sea, invited by the Arts Organisation: Coexist

In 2010 I was invited by Coexist to participate in Artside an annual Art festival in Southend on Sea. It has been one of the most enjoyable projects to participate in.

Thanks to my dedicated volunteers we were able to create a small flock of ‘others’ who explored each of the Artside exhibition venues. We moved in a tight flock, attracting attention to whatever we were looking at. Our beaks gave our gaze direction and it was great fun.

I would welcome the opportunity to develop this project (not least because I have a whole basket full of beaks) and other public spaces interventions. I would also love to work with a group of volunteers again, ideally there would be a budget (as there was for Southend on Sea) as I would love to be able to compensate the volunteers for their time and enthusiastic help.

3 hours
people and paper beaks