Devotional Choreography & Khoreia

The visual poetry of movement and gesture.

A series of pas de deux between cultures.
An orchestration of a dance about cultural kinship.
An investigation of ritual movements made during devotional practices, rites common to all faiths. The exact choreography differs, but like in any good performance on a stage, individual choreographies combine to a potentially holistic whole. The grammar and composition used within dance … applied to life. For a harmonic performance a certain generosity and empathy towards fellow performers is required. I am temporarily taking the role of a choreographer.
(ORIGIN of Choreography: from Greek khoreia ‘dancing in unison’ (from khoros ‘chorus’) + -graphy)
variable dimensions, films looped
16mm cine film
Group Exhibition in Bridewell Arts Center, Liverpool, UK.


Solo Exhibition at the Hope University Interfaith Conference in Liverpool, UK:


Solo Exhibition at the Anglican Cathedral who participate in citywide interfaith projects:

Another version of this ongoing project at QUAD in Derby, UK:


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