Devotional Choreography & Khoreia

Visual poetry of movement and gesture. A series of pas de deux between cultures. An orchestration of a dance about cultural kinship.

Two main versions of this project exist: an analogue cine film projection, filmed in private practices of worship. And a Digital screen version, filming in places of worship.

An investigation of ritual movements made during devotional practices, rites common to all faiths. The exact choreography differs, but like in any good performance on a stage, individual choreographies combine to a potentially holistic whole. The grammar and composition used within dance … applied to life. For a harmonic performance a certain generosity and empathy towards fellow performers is required. I am temporarily taking the role of a choreographer.

(ORIGIN of Choreography: from Greek khoreia ‘dancing in unison’ (from khoros ‘chorus’) + -graphy)


(16mm cine film, variable projection dimensions, films are infinity looped)

Group Exhibition in Bridewell Arts Center, Liverpool, UK.


Solo Exhibition at the Hope University Interfaith Conference in Liverpool, UK

Solo Exhibition at the Anglican Cathedral who participate in citywide interfaith projects:

The digital version of this ongoing project at QUAD (A public Art Gallery) in Derby, UK:

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