Chorus / in vain I will away

Chorus / in vain I will away is a project by B. Deubner, last exhibited in London at the ICA Gallery.  But also show in Athens at the Benaki Museum and a London Art Fair. Now the work is for sale directly through the artist. (direct purchase link coming in May 2017).

The project works with the body in unconventional ways, distilling a single heap of body, stripped of the privilege of identity, into dark spaces; exploring the representation of violence, fear and the unknown; influenced by Dante’s Divine Comedy, Butoh, Mythology and Folk Tales, a range of classical painting traditions, contemporaries like Giorgio Agamben, foreign correspondents and the timeless notion of Homo Sacer.

You can see one installation of this piece at the Benaki Museum in this video by Out of the Box Media, who curated the exhibition in Athens.

MFA show

previous exhibitions took place among others : at Goldsmiths University, London (who also purchased a piece for their collection); the ICA in London & the Benaki Museum in Athens.

© artist: Birgit Deubner ; project: Chorus / in vain I will away
© artist: Birgit Deubner ; project: Chorus / in vain I will away


Chorus / in vain I will away  : Long description 

This is a photograph from a project series that I named taking reference from a poem written by Henry Fuseli, the painter who painted “The Nightmare”. 

The origins of this art project lay primarily in 2 places: The primary motivation that lay at the very, very beginning of this work was the experience of being stalked, being both an object of desire and object of loathing.  The experience impacted me deeply and lead to my reading about Identity and the power and politically motivated strategy of dehumanisation and ‘othering’ of those who are unlike us. I sought a way to visualise the experience of being denied my self-identity by a person who claimed right over the decision of who I am that I should be an object he can possess at will. 

I also wanted to find an expression for what vulnerability and simultaneous strength within this suffering may look like. 

Side notes would be the influence of reading of Dante’s Divine Comedy, Dante’s journey through purgatory in particular. At museums and in the library I studied chiaroscuro paintings of the Renaissance and the lighting on some of  the Dutch tulip paintings of the 17th Century Tulip Mania. 

© artist: Birgit Deubner ; project: Chorus / in vain I will away ; dimensions variable

Chorus / in vain I will away : Short description

This project inhabits a space between photography and painting, I explored, researched and responded to concerns of identity, body, renaissance painting, and the relationship between the practice of inquisition and contemporary cross-cultural relationships. I hoped to use this project as a goalpost from which I planned to depart into further research, continuing the process of image making.




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