A Tale

film, photographs, a tale, an encounter, dipoles,

approximately 4 minutes.
In 2009 I was invited by the A Foundation to respond to a footnote of the Rhizome chapter of Deleuze and Guatari. This was for their second TAXED event in March, 2009, a series of events stolen from other events.. ..after reading Deleuze and having had cause to consider rhizomes, dipoles, arborescent forms.. formal thought and more…
I thought about translation, as I tried to translate this text into something that resonates, I thought about a tale I have long wanted to tell and about images that I have for a long time wanted to make into a film reminiscent of La Jetee. Dipoles seemed to describe the relationship I see between these images and the tale.
A dictionary definition of dipoles is this: a pair of equal and oppositely charged or magnetized poles separated by a distance. From there I departed into translating a tale in layers of language and image.
Deleuze then faded into the invisible fabric of the work. A viewing copy for “A Tale” is on: http://www.vimeo.com/3827235
A tale of translations and dipoles
4 minutes
photos, film, voice, tale